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LABMUNKZink video by BEDPHONE  beats by defacedproperty. 64upgrades .

Tucson, Arizona based artist of LabMunkzink releases an amazing visual.

DJ Captain Antenna featured in Pushing Buttons, Tucson’s rapidly expanding hip-hop scene that has grown to include producers from all types of music.

About LabMunkzink

LabMunkzink is an experiment of poetry, rhythm, and art, they vibe off the elements of HipHop, experimental neo-soul and blues.  Hailing from Tucson Arizona This collective of artist are skilled in DJing, beat production, songwriting and Live performances.

LabMunkzInk Original members are  Dr. Nope /Jesus/ Marcus Lovato., St. Dominic aka (DJ) Captain. Antenna  (Dominic Capanna), Dj Prado. Inspired by J.S. and the elements of hip-hop.

This group also has a mobile studio so wherever inspiration hits to create they are ready on spot.

Dominic “DJ Captain Antenna” Capanna adds his skills as a Dj who still mixes vinyl, a lost art.  He also is able to create unique mixes that you will only hear in a DJ Captain Antenna set.  “I am old school no bells and whistles, I use 2 turntables and a mixer, a microphone and a looper”   He can use anything to create from goodwill toys to instruments.


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